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Jamaican Pastry Recipes

  The Jamaican Brick Oven! most Jamaican pastries are perfected in the brick oven. The best example of a Brick oven can be seen at Devon House in Kingston(The Brick Oven has recently moved from Devon House to the Halfway Tree area). The mixture of flour, shortening, sugar, and eggs may be vary but the propensity of Jamaican cooks to experiment and utilize ingredients at hand produces many excellent treats!
  More Great Pastry Recipe
Carrot Cake with Spelt Flour
Cakes are never healthy, so we will not pretend like this one going to be.
Jamaican Rustic Bread
Sweet Potato Pone
Carlene Holness journeys to Seville Heritage Park in St.
Jamaican Coconut Drops
We're going coconuts! Coconut drops is a popular traditional Jamaican snack! If you want to know the method behind this masterpiece, watch this episode and then try it with your family and friends!
Jamaican Christmas Cake
RasMiquel Shows his own style of making a Jamaican Christmas Cake, the same recipe can be used for a wedding cake as well.
Cornmeal Pudding with an appetizing sauce
Mazie whips up a delectable Cornmeal Pudding with an appetizing sauce on top!! You'll love this week's episode of Creative Cooking.
Black Forest Cake
If you always wanted to make black forest cake, here is an easy one.
Jamaican Victoria Sandwich
This cake is one of he legacies of the British.
Pineapple Upside-down Cake
This recipe is more suitable for dessert than tea.
Dundee Cake
If you would like to have a fruit cake with less fruits, but the same delicious taste, try this favourite of Mrs.
Ice Box Cake
Basic Sponge Cake
This recipe can be use for children's party, cakes for sponge flans, sponge fingers, ice box cakes etc.
Banana Cake ( for Banana Cake)
A little something to make your banana cake look attractive and interesting.
Banana Cake
I got an SOS for this recipe from a gentleman in Canada who attended a demonstration when I made this cake.
Orange Cake
Try your hand at baking a cake to serve 50 people.
Carrot Cake
In the late 1980s, Carrot Cake was a popular dessert on local airlines.
Coffee Cake
Some people expect coffee in coffee cake, but this crispy, crunchy coffee cake is an excellent 'go-with' for a steaming cup of Blue Mountain coffee.
Coconut Totoes
If you are told that your plain cake is like toto, it is not a compliment.
Christmas Pudding and Cake
In Jamaica, there is never, ever a dream of a white Christmas, the pudding is never served hot.
Christmas Pudding
To make approximately 4 lb.
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